There are worse prisons than words

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Anonymous said: why do you like iker casillas so much??



i left this ask sitting here for a while because all i could truly think is “how can you not?”

but okay, let me see. I don’t only like him, I pretty much love him. It seems a bit exaggerated, I am pretty much aware of that, but, I mean, he is my favorite footballer, you know? Not in “I want to have sex with him” way, but I’m yet to see flaws in him that could make me dislike him.

He’s a great goalkeeper. Despite being discouraged by his own club’s fans, he has stayed. He could’ve left, he had lots of offers from good clubs. But Real Madrid is his life, he said it himself. This man, he has given all his life to Real Madrid. He’s the saint who kept our goal safe many, many times, and because some outsider came here and told lies, people forget how AMAZING he is and he has been for us. Iker Casillas was the man who cried when he won his first Champions League trophy with us, and the man who cried when he won the third too. He’s the one who saved us so many times, he’s the footballer who every player in the world respects. He has been through so many matches, played against many rivals, and not a single one has had a bad word to say about him. When Real Madrid’s own fans at the stadium boos him, he accepts it, he doesn’t talk about, all he says is that he “the fans are more important and what I have to do is to keep working” and that he “is hurt not only for the club, but for the fans”. He is the captain of this club, and he has sat on the bench for so many matches, but he has stayed. People has thrown names at him, awful names, people have threatened him and his BABY. He loves Real Madrid so much. He’s not called a saint just because people thought it would be cute, but because he is actually GOOD at what he does. He’s a respectable man, a professional, and most of all, he’s a madridista. He represents Madridismo more than anyone in this squad. He respects Real Madrid, he loves this club and I just-

I simply cannot FATHOM how can ANYONE EVER hate him. How can someone hate a man who has done nothing but love and respect Real Madrid? Who has never went to the press to say ANYTHING about teammates, no matter how awful they’ve REPORTEDLY have been (not only on the pitch but to him). I just, I know there’s so much to be said and I suck with words and I can’t tell you everything, can’t make you a list or anything. I can tell you though, that I trust him deeply.

Every Madridista should read it. And not only. First of all this is a note for people that call themselves ‘Madridistas’ but have no hell idea what it means. It’s for all those stupid jackasses that whistled tonight. You all should be fuckin’ ashamed ‘cause all you know about him being ‘bad’ for his club is from fuckin’ newspapers in which is nothing more  but bullshit. If you don’t respect him and don’t see how brilliant he is don’t even dare to call yourselvs ‘Madridistas’. Just go and support Brcelona or Atletico only because they are doing well recently. But for God’s sake just shut the fuck up.